Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Free Domain and Hosting Method

Free Domain and Hosting

How to get Free Domain and Hosting (2020)

Hey there guys
Today we gonna show you How you can get Free Domain and Hosting for your Website, but also you should realize there's probably like a million Free hosting methods out there but none Like I found here, this is pretty unique and I would recommend using the hosting. they seem pretty good and pretty much dedicated to their work, plus you're not paying anything so...
Let's get right into it Shall we?
First what you need is either
• A proxy
• or a VPN

Your proxy or VPN should be based in the Netherlands area, because of course this site Is located in the Netherlands, have you got it? good now head onto this site:
Follow the same rules as shown here to get free Domain and Hosting
And see where it says this:

Free Domain and Hosting
Free Domain and Hosting
Simply Enter any domain of your choice, it can be whatever domain you choose, I don't know if they support all domains but I'm pretty sure they Allow most domain forms Now hit the check button and off we go:
Free Domain and Hosting
Free Domain and Hosting
Now simply click the little + Button for which domain you want, you can actually pretty much get as many as you want, but I just got one anyway. now hit the zoek button which takes you to the next page:
Free Domain and Hosting
Free Domain and Hosting
Hit the blue button you are getting there just a few more pages to complete.
Free Domain and Hosting
Free Domain and Hosting

No this is the part where you decide whether you want to host or not Or you can park the domain I'm not really sure with domain parking but if you want it parked feel Free to or just choose a random Hosting package, I'm just going to go with the basic Webhosting package. Now click Volgende step which takes you to the next page.
free domain and hosting
Free Domain and Hosting
Now what you want to do is make a new account click the Maak en account button to make a new account. Go to http://fakenamegenerator And generate a fake dutch guy/girl and fill in the form as below:
free domain and hosting
Free Domain and Hosting

Most of it should automatically detect your location so it fills itself it For you And FYI;
Account aanmaken voor een bedrijf

E-mailadres (adres waarop u nu e-mail ontvangt)
In english:
Initial (s)
Account for a company
Postal code
House number

E-mail (the address where you receive mail)
Ok So click this button:
free domain and hosting
Free Domain and Hosting
And you will be brought onto the payment page
free domain and hosting
Free Domain and Hosting
Now you should tick the one I have ticked, so you can Properly get this domain & or hosting service. The next step is to Find this: Rekeningnummer Simply goes to google and search: Rekeningnummer on the 25 or higher you should find a set of numbers. about 7 numbers are the Rekeningnummer Or "account number which you should find copy it and put it into the text field Rekeningnummer and click bestel nu.
free domain and hosting
Free Domain and Hosting

This page should come Up and it means that you have successfully registered and been set up, usually you should receive the email within 15 mins or so, doesn't take long. And you will receive 2 emails:
The second one is if you ordered Hosting...
Thanks Again!


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